MUGGERS (Feature film)

“ … a fresh, funny black comedy with something to say about contemporary society. Savage in its wit , and refreshingly non-PC, it deserves to find an audience for its outlandish originality alone. Cult prospects and ancillary are strong.”  VARIETY

“There’s a wonderful ruthlessness …a very funny black comedy … inventive and fast-moving … ” SBS TELEVISION

CLIFFY (Telemovie)

"One the best Aussie movies I've seen ... There are many moments of humour, drama and emotions that go with the task that Cliff has to endure."


"Fabulously grim and dark comedy/mystery! Are you listening HBO? ... R.B. Taylor is a wonderful writer who vividly brings this story of the next big disease following the Black Death to life in all its horror and glory."


"This novel sits at the top of the heap. Henry VII and his handlers (oops: consultants) are brilliantly depicted. The action never slows."

"A really fascinating account of how a pandemic infection spread across the known world and the reactions to it by statesmen, politicians and the church ... Bring in historic characters ... add some very dry wit and a court bard who quotes Shakespeare (!) and you get a very good read."



"A very enjoyable ride, great characters, believable AND funny.
Clever writing, I congratulate Robert Taylor on his debut novel, and, I look forward to the band's next adventure."

"If you’re looking for a book full of impossible, weird, hilarious, fast-paced twists of events look no farther. R.B. Taylor’s debut novel, St Barlaam’s Day, has it all.  From quirky --but quality-- music band to criminal gang on the run, the characters in this book are delightfully edged. Taylor’s prose takes you on a tour like no other: The misadventures of wanna-be musicians turned wanna-be thugs aligned with the calendar of saints. The pages of this book, a rosary of hilarious events that will make for a fun read any time, anywhere."